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Mediums: Paintings, Limited Edition Prints, Photos, Illustrations, Graphic Design

 GG Burck

Custom Art / Paintings
Impressionistic style and technique involves using canvas, acrylic paints and modeling paste. Through a series of layers, washes and direct application of color, the final work is completed.

Hyde Park Art Show I'm proud to be a chosen exhibitor for the 50th Annual Hyde Park Art Show. New works Include: Hawaiian Shore, Sunset, Reflection, and more.

Vist me at the show on Sunday, October 2, 2016 from 10 AM — 5:00 PM. My Booth Number is # 38!


Limited Edition Prints
Artist GG Burck's portfolio includes a Cincinnati Series , the latest being "The Queen." This silkscreen follows Our Cincinnati 2004, Skylineoscope 1994, Pioneer's Dream, 1988, and Blue Chip, 1986.

Concepts and Design

Subject matter, colors and the use of negative/positive space all contribute to a work's final design.

Client meetings are essential to develop an understanding of your expectations.

Virtual Installation
Combining digital images of proposed artwork with the selected space enables a preview of the finished installation.

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